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  1. User Manuals

    Download product user manuals Listed below are digital copies of our product user manuals. ...

    ascend - Jun 5 2016 - 8:48pm

  2. Custom Built Outdoor DAS System

    JDTECK custom builds many of its solutions right in-house. You are therefore assured of high quality product. ...

    jdteck - Feb 17 2018 - 10:19am

  3. What technology do JDTECK products support?

    JDTECK’s Signal Boosters and Repeaters supports all technologies or protocols in the frequency band the device is compatible with. These include LTE, GSM, DCS, CDMA, PCS, AWS, WCDMA, CDMA2000,UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA, EV-DO, EDGE, and GPRS to list some. ...

    ascend - Jul 15 2016 - 10:42pm

  4. Products


    ascend - Mar 7 2018 - 7:16pm

  5. Distributed Antenna Systems to Boost Cell Phone Reception

    amazing when someone that purchased your product, which they’re really happy ... That results in improved quality of engineering, product and installation.  ... group for product enhancements and improvements. JDTECK’s latest product ...

    jdteck - Feb 18 2018 - 6:21pm

  6. Log Periodic RF Shield

    This multi-band, high-isolation RF shielded antenna is another innovative product engineered by JDTECK. Designed for applications where the source signal is very weak and a narrow beam with very good front to back ...

    jdteck - Feb 11 2018 - 10:20pm

  7. Coax Seal

    Use this product to seal the RF joints of outdoor antennas or coax cable runs. Keeps moisture out and prevents corrosion.   Seals RF Connections Keeps moisture out Adheres to cable or connectors Remains Maliable ...

    ascend - Jul 5 2016 - 9:18pm

  8. Fixed Line Attenuator

    match circuits and are used daily in lab applications to aid in product ...

    ascend - Jul 9 2016 - 7:39pm

  9. Quad Band Pre-Amplifier

    of the repeater so both products work in unison to ensure the cellular network ... product option has the pre-amp mounted inside an IP24 enclosure with cooling ...

    jdteck - Apr 1 2018 - 11:34pm

  10. Tracing the source using the FCC ID.

    of submitting their products to FCC authorized labs for testing and approval ... 3 digits / letters of an FCC ID that identifies the manufacture of a product ... who’s the manufacture of the product you are interested in purchasing. ...

    ascend - Feb 19 2018 - 8:38pm

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