Log Antenna Ceiling Mount Bracket

For Suspended Ceilings

Product Overview

Available exclusively from JDTECK, this ceiling mount directional antenna bracket was designed in-house for applications that require either a directional source signal from the window of an office building (because there is no access to the roof) or because there is a need to distribute a directional signal internally to a specific area, like down a hallway. 

It attaches to a suspended ceiling tile with a backup plate above the tile to provide addtional support. No coax is visible once installed, and it blends in nicely in an office environment. It is very light weight and installs in a matter of minutes. 

  • Easy to Install
  • Perfect for commercial applications
  • Designed for suspended ceilings
  • Blends in with environment
  • Can be used either for donor or service antenna
  • Sturdy construction
  • Designed for Log Periodic Antenna



Ceiling Mount Bracket - Log Antenna

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