3 Watt Direct Connect Signal Booster

25dB Gain

Product Overview

The CB Series Signal Booster from JDTECK is hands down the best performing signal booster on the market today. This high-powered full duplex cell phone signal booster which accepts a 12v Direct Current input with SMA connectors is perfect for boosting the signal strength of any wireless device operating on the cellular network.

Ideal for M2M applications that use wireless cellular modems or telemetry systems for remote monitoring or for use in wireless kiosks. The JDTECK CB Series Cell Phone Signal Booster provides the best throughput for direct connect data applications. It's preferred signal booster for those mission critical and national security applications. 

  • Accepts 12v Direct Current
  • 25dB DL Gain / 18dB UL Gain 
  • FCC ID: SQXCB-819-1
  • Industry Canada Approved. ID: 5607A-CB819
  • 30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 36 Months Warranty
  • Available in Wide Range of Frequency Options!
  • Small size, light-weight (Industry's Smallest)
  • Extend Network Range
  • SMA Female Connectors
  • Supports any Voice or Data Devices
  • Attractive Design
  • Free Design Support for any Custom Application



LTE A+B / 1900 MHz
LTE C / 1900 MHz
800 / 1900 Hz
900 / 1800 MHz
900 / 2100 MHz

The JDTECK Cellular Signal Booster is a very powerful signal amplifier, for persons who are affected by weak signals on mobile networks anywhere in the world, yet it is so small and lightweight that it can fit in the palm of your hand. This is not a wireless solution, but is designed to be tethered to the device you would like to boost the signal to. Perfect for when space is limited or a portable solution is needed.

The applications of boosters are endless. JDTECK has customized many solutions for companies in a host of industries. Our booster have been mated to mobile phones and wireless modems and other telemetry systems.

Our amplifier will BOOST a weak signal from the cellular network, thus allowing you to make a connection in places where you could not before. Improved signal strength means faster transfer-rate speeds on all your data communication devices and crisp voice quality on your mobile phones. 

This booster is supplied with a 3ft Signal Lead, 12v Cigarette Lighter Power Cord & User Manual.

Frequency Chart

Model Uplink Downlink
CB-7AB/19 LTE ~ AT&T 698~716 MHz 728~746 MHz
PCS 1850~1910 MHz 1930~1990 MHz
CB-7C/19 LTE ~ Verizon 776~787 MHz 746~757 MHz
PCS 1850~1910 MHz 1930~1990 MHz
CB-819 CELL 824~849 MHz 869~849 MHz
PCS 1850~1910 MHz 1930~1990 MHz
CB-918 GSM 890~915 MHz 935~960 MHz
DCS 1710~1785 MHz 1805~1880 MHz
CB-921 GSM 890~915 MHz 935~960 MHz
WCDMA 1920~1980 MHz 2110~2170 MHz
CB-AWS AWS 1710~1755MHz 2110-2155MHz
  Max.Gain ≧18dB ≧25dB
Output Power Typ. ≥ 33dBm ≥ 0dBm
Min. ≧27dBm ≧0dBm
 Intermodulation Products 9KHz~1GHz   ≦ -36dBm @ 3KHz
1GHz~12.75GHz   ≦ -30dBm @ 3KHz
 Spurious Emission 9KHz~1GHz   ≦ -36dBm @ 3KHz
1GHz~12.75GHz   ≦ -30dBm @ 3KHz
Current Draw Standby 250 mA 0.8W
Under Load 600 mA 4W
 Noise Figure   ≦ 6dB
 Group Delay   ≦0.5μs
 VSWR   ≦3
Frequency Stability ≤ 0.01ppm

Meachnical Specifications

 I /O Port  SMA Female
 Impedance  50 ohm
 Operating Temperature  -25 ºC ~+55 ºC
 Environment Conditions  IP40
 Dimensions 3.9" x 2.95" x 1" (100mm x 75mm x 25mm)
 Weight 0.55Lbs (250 g)
 Power  Input DC12V / 2A
 Power  Power LED Indicator


30 Day Money Back

36 Month Warranty
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