Dielectric Cutting Tool

600 Series Coax

Product Overview

JDTECK has taken a commonly used coaxial cable jacket stripper and modified its cutting surface to be able to work perfectly on both 400 and 600 series coaxial cable. The main reason for this modification was to create a nimble tool that would continuously provide sharp dielectric cuts to prep 400 & 600 Series coaxial cable for termination, even after many years of use.

This tool not only speeds up the termination process substantially but contributes to obtaining very good return loss readings because of a high quality termination job.

  • Customized for easy cable prepping
  • Maintains a sharp cut even after 100's of uses
  • Can be used on both 400 & 600 series coax
  • Bright blue color for easy location in tool bag
  • Speeds up cable prepping substantially
  • Available exclusively from JDTECK
30 Day Money Back

36 Month Warranty
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