Dec 22nd, 2011

No Outdoor Reception? No problem!

Our system was specifically engineered to work under these adverse RF conditions. Actually, in many instances, it’s not that there isn't any outdoor reception, but that the low output power of a mobile handset or PC Card is not powerful enough to be able to detect this extremely weak reception. But with high output power of our units, together with the advanced filtering capabilities, you stand the best chance of extracting any usable signal in the area and providing reception to an area once thought impossible.

We have literally changed the lives of many persons who live off the grid and had to travel for miles just to make or receive a call. It is truly a fulfilling experience when you have had such a major impact on persons lives. They are now in touch with the outside world where they could not before. Check us out for this and many other solutions.

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We needed to upgrade our legacy Cellular Repeaters in our Headquarters building. We priced out many vendors and found JDTECK to be the clear winner in both price and solutions. JDTECK came in with the resources and expertise and really went the extra ten miles!!!

David Viale - Sr. IT Manager ~ General Dynamics

The level of professional customer service and technical knowledge was unmatched. JDTECK is always welcomed here at the Embraer Engineering & Technology Center USA. We hope to continue this partnership in the near future

M.Lopez ~ EETC

JDTECK brought years of experience, professionalism, and efficiency to the table and delivered. I would recommend them to any customer looking for a cell frequency amplification solution

Chris Chartier - IT - AAFES

These guys are the real deal... no smoke, mirrors or fluff. When you dig below the surface, their foundation is solid. They even taught my techs how to use a spectrum analyzer to get the job done right!

John Nusser - CEO of ITS Corp
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Contact one of our cellular signal enhancement engineers.


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