Tracing the source using the FCC ID.

Companies that go through the rigorous and costly testing procedures of submitting their products to FCC authorized labs for testing and approval are issued what is called a Grantee Code. This grantee code are the first 3 digits / letters of an FCC ID that identifies the manufacture of a product like a Social Security Number would identify a specific person. With this grantee code, anyone can visit the FCC’s website search feature to find out who’s the manufacture of the product you are interested in purchasing.

If you request a grantee code from any company claiming to be a "manufacture”, you can easily cross reference this code to know if you are being provided false and fraudulent information. If there is any suspicion as to the data provided or its source, it is always good to double check with the manufacture to make sure the supply source you are thinking of purchasing your equipment from is an authorized reseller . That way you protect your investment and ensure customer service, product warranty and technical support will always be available to you.

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Polk County Florida Roads and Drainage Division Complex is located in a very remote area with limited access to cell service in various areas. After installation of 5G cell service boosters, employees now enjoy an outstanding connection with their cell phones that was not possible before. Sales, design and installation were outstanding!

Mark Schmitz ~ Polk County Financial Administrator

JDTECK did an amazing job with our 100,000 sq. ft. corporate HQ building. Large areas of the building experienced medium-to-poor reception, with frequent dropped calls and cell phone batteries constantly draining. When JDTECK finished, we showed full bars for all areas of the building. We actually get better signal strength inside the office than we do in the parking lot! Highly recommended!

Marc Setevage ~ Manager, Network Engineering

In 2012 we found JDTECK and gave them a shot. Since then, we have never turned back. The equipment is quality, and meets all expectations, but most importantly the customer service, attention to detail and passion that goes into every single job, purchase etc is handled better than I could ever expect. I would highly recommend giving them a shot, and exploring their products, they will not disappoint.

Joshua Brockman

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge JDTECK for exceeding our expectations in the design and installation of a DAS (Distributed Antenna System) for the MCU (Marine Corps University) Bldg. M285 located at Camp Johnson North Carolina.

Gerald A. Balderama ~ Wireless Engineer SPAWAR Atlantic

The level of professional customer service and technical knowledge was unmatched. JDTECK is always welcomed here at the Embraer Engineering & Technology Center USA. We hope to continue this partnership in the near future

M.Lopez ~ EETC
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