Jun 30th, 2010

Tracing the source using the FCC ID.

Companies that go through the rigorous and costly testing procedures of submitting their products to FCC authorized labs for testing and approval are issued what is called a Grantee Code. This grantee code are the first 3 digits / letters of an FCC ID that identifies the manufacture of a product like a Social Security Number would identify a specific person. With this grantee code, anyone can visit the FCC’s website search feature to find out who’s the manufacture of the product you are interested in purchasing.

If you request a grantee code from any company claiming to be a "manufacture”, you can easily cross reference this code to know if you are being provided false and fraudulent information. If there is any suspicion as to the data provided or its source, it is always good to double check with the manufacture to make sure the supply source you are thinking of purchasing your equipment from is an authorized reseller . That way you protect your investment and ensure customer service, product warranty and technical support will always be available to you.

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We needed to upgrade our legacy Cellular Repeaters in our Headquarters building. We priced out many vendors and found JDTECK to be the clear winner in both price and solutions. JDTECK came in with the resources and expertise and really went the extra ten miles!!!

David Viale - Sr. IT Manager ~ General Dynamics

The level of professional customer service and technical knowledge was unmatched. JDTECK is always welcomed here at the Embraer Engineering & Technology Center USA. We hope to continue this partnership in the near future

M.Lopez ~ EETC

JDTECK brought years of experience, professionalism, and efficiency to the table and delivered. I would recommend them to any customer looking for a cell frequency amplification solution

Chris Chartier - IT - AAFES

These guys are the real deal... no smoke, mirrors or fluff. When you dig below the surface, their foundation is solid. They even taught my techs how to use a spectrum analyzer to get the job done right!

John Nusser - CEO of ITS Corp
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Contact one of our cellular signal enhancement engineers.


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